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Client Success Stories

LARGE MAJOR MARKET AMUSEMENT PARK. We doubled the number of job applicants. We achieved this by adding more barter to their cash/trade recruitment budget. In so doing we added additional radio stations to the schedule to reach untapped markets for potential employees. We were able to keep the cash budget the same as the previous year but by adding more ticket trades, we expanded the parks ad budget my over 60%.

MAJOR NATIONAL AIRLINE: A meeting with West End Media Group CEO T J Donnelly was held with the Marketing Director at their offices. A plan was devised to trade airline tickets to targeted radio stations located where the airline had just opened up a new gateway. Stations also agreed to give the airline tickets away as part of a major on air contest. The airline received double exposure 1) from advertising and 2) from major on air contests on key radio stations.

DIRECT RESPONSE ACCOUNTS: DR accounts are looking for inexpensive ½ hour infomercial time on stations that generate phone calls and orders. WEMG provided many such opportunities to DR companies by negotiating schedules with desirable radio stations to over 20 DR Companies and ad agencies.

MR. APARTMENT: This this WEMG’s award winning ad campaign that creates traffic and rentals for apartment companies and developers. Our experience with companies and agencies specializing in apartment rentals, enabled us to develop a barter program where apartment leases are provided to us and we in turn provide targeted radio advertising with radio copy designed to get listeners to visit the apartments. Our concepts enable apartment managers and owners to turn a liability (unrented apartments) into an asset.

MAJOR AMUSEMENT PARK: This park had 14 concerts that took place on Saturdays over the summer. Each concert featured a different type of act…country, rock, Christian, etc. WEMG not only provided radio time to promote these events on targeted stations but WEMG worked with individual stations to devise specific on air contests to promote each concert prior to the event. WEMG’s joint advertising and promotions concepts produced sold out events with crowds much higher than the park had anticipated and much greater than similar concerts the year before.

MAJOR MARKET RADIO STATIONS: WEMG was hired by two major radio stations to increase their outdoor exposure. The stations traded us advertising credit and we coupled that with their cash outdoor budget so that we were able to provide double the number of outdoor boards they could have bought with just their cash budget only. WEMG became the facilitator and catalyst for this program by providing a combination of cash and merchandise trade to the outdoor companies and our company receiving cash and advertising credit from the radio stations.

CYPRESS GARDENS: This Florida attraction had been doing their own barter program and although it had provided added barter ad exposure, that exposure was not in the correct media. WEMG marketing reps visited the park and their ad agency in order to get a greater insight into the parks marketing strategy. WEMG, using its media contacts in Florida and with radio group owners, recommended changes in the barter media schedule and in so doing, achieved remarkable results for CYPRESS GARDENS. With only making the changes WEMG recommended, this park achieved a 17% increase in attendance.

MAJOR CITY CONVENTION AND VISTORS BUREAU: Meeting at the office of their ad agency, WEMG and the agency Media Director devised a radio barter ad program on three (3) cities that the CVB determined has the highest number of hotel reservations for that city. WEMG placed radio advertising to promote each city event in those three targeted cities.  Hotel reservations from those three cities increased significantly during each event. The agency stated that is was one of the most successful ad campaigns the CVB had ever done.

HINEY WINE: WEMG is the syndicator of the most successful short form comedy feature in the history of radio. This fake commercial concept was syndicated on over 625 radio stations in the US and Canada. WEMG also devised a merchandise line that resulted in the sales of over 100,000 HINEY WINE t-shirts, 50,000 night shirts, 50,000 baseball caps and over 200,000 additional HINEY WINE merchandise items.

HOTELS AND RESORTS: WEMG has worked closely with many individual hotels and with many major hotel chains. We are happy to share our success stories with you on the phone.